The Waikato’s leading construction company is kick-starting a new philanthropic investment fund that aims to transform the public’s experience of downtown Hamilton.

Foster Construction Group has donated $50,000 to Momentum Waikato’s Hamilton CBD Development Fund and will follow this up with $25,000 a year for the next four years, for a total initial contribution of $150,000. Local businesses, corporate offices and philanthropists keen to see Hamilton’s downtown become a major drawcard for the city are being invited to join them in backing the Fund.

“Fosters is all about creating ‘great communities through strong foundations’,” says Group Director and Momentum Waikato Chair Leonard Gardner, who spoke at the CBD Fund’s breakfast launch, held on Thursday 25 July at FMG Stadium Waikato.

“As a proud Waikato company, we want to give back to the city that enables our success and is home to most of our dedicated team and their families.

“We’re hoping that by seeding this fund, we are able to work alongside other CBD landlords and businesses to enable improvements in the urban environment that would not occur under the usual funding processes.

“We invite other local businesses keen to see the CBD play a bigger part in attracting talent to the Waikato, to join Fosters in taking advantage of the simplicity and focus that Momentum Waikato offers with the new CBD Fund.”

Momentum Waikato Chief Executive Kelvyn Eglinton says the CBD Fund will link Hamilton’s generous businesses and corporates to transformational projects that enhance the vibrancy and attractiveness of the city centre and increase access to its greatest natural asset – the Mighty Waikato River.

Hamilton is a great place to live, work and play,” says Kelvyn. “A cosmopolitan city at the heart of one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world; the capital of the Waikato.”

“Hamilton Central, our Central Business District, is in transition as changing demands driven by the modern global economy create opportunities for the revitalisation of both structures and spaces.

“It is an exciting time to be making things happen downtown. The CBD Fund is a simple and effective way for companies to contribute towards making Hamilton Central even better.”

The CBD Fund’s Disbursements Group will be convened annually by Momentum Waikato to identify the projects it will support. It will initially consist of representatives or nominees from Fosters Construction, the Waikato Chamber of Commerce, the Hamilton Central Business Association and the Waikato Branch of the Property Council. Any contributor that donates over $25,000 in a given year will be invited to join the Disbursements Group for that year.

To find out more about the Hamilton CBD Development Fund contact Kelvyn at Momentum Waikato via or (07) 834 0404.