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Ways to Give

Momentum Waikato provides a simple way for anyone to make a major contribution to our region and beyond. How you wish to direct your generosity is up to you - we will tailor a solution to ensure your giving has maximum impact. We will work with you, your family, your trust and your advisers to fulfil your charitable giving goals, whilst providing you with maximum tax benefits.

Our Donor Promise

Momentum Waikato is committed to serving our donors by providing professional philanthropic advice. Thanks to WEL Energy Trust's founding $10 million loan, we can promise our donors that 100% of your gift to the Waikato goes directly to the causes that matter to you.

Give Today or into the Future?

Today Fund Icon

Your gift passes directly through for immediate distribution, making an impact now.

With Today Giving, Momentum Waikato channels your donation directly to your choice of cause or charity for immediate impact. This gives you the assurance of security, effective targeting and, if required, anonymity, while joining and supporting the Momentum Waikato giving circle.


Your gift is invested in perpetuity, keeping the capital intact and using only the return on investment for annual distributions to create impact forever.


This solution allows you to split your gift between the two options, creating impact both now and forever.

How You Grow

If you choose ‘Future Giving’ your gift will be invested in perpetuity, keeping the capital intact forever and using only the return on investment for annual distributions, creating a lasting legacy forever.

Momentum Waikato uses independent professional investment managers Craigs Investment Partners and Forsyth Barr to provide strategic investment fund management. An expert investment committee oversees the work of our professional investment managers.

As a Community Foundation, our approach to investing for impact is informed by a longitudinal research tool called Waikato Vital Signs.


Professional investment advice should be taken before making an investment. This graph provides a guide, however growth depends on fund performance and changing market rates.

How You Invest

Whether you go for Today or Future Giving, or a combination of both, you choose where your donation ultimately goes.

You can direct your grants through our Vital Impact Investment program, or to one of our identified ‘Areas of Interest’, or to one of our dedicated Funds, or simply to your favourite charities, or any combination of these options.

We are here to fulfil your wishes, so the choice is yours. Contact us to discuss the options.

Hamilton City

Your gift will be distributed through the Vital Impact Investment program, to invest strategically in significant inter-generational transformational change projects and programmes, ensuring the long-term vitality of our community.

Your Choice

Your gift will be distributed in support of your favourite charity or charities.

Your Mix

Your gift will be distributed, based on your wishes, to a combination of chosen charities AND Vital Impact Investment.

Make an impact


Create Your Legacy and Leave a Bequest


You can shape a better future for your region and community.

We offer independent philanthropic advice to you, regardless of the size of your bequest gift, with no strings attached. We also encourage you to speak with your lawyer, accountant or financial advisor.

By leaving a bequest to Momentum Waikato in your Will, you will help create change through generating income to make grants. Grants are collectively given to activities addressing our communities’ greatest needs and challenges, as identified through Waikato Vital Signs.

A bequest to one of our special interest funds will provide grants to change-makers for youth, Maaori, children, recreation, women and girls, education, economy, environment, culture and arts, or health.

There are a number of ways your gift can make a difference to the things that matter most to you, such as:

  • Leave a bequest to a chosen charity

  • Set up a fund named after your family or loved one with a donation of $50,000 or more.

  • Donate now to an activity or charity to experience the joy of giving within your lifetime.

Contact our team at Momentum Waikato to discuss the possibilities.

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Named Fund

If your gift or bequest is for an amount greater than $50,000, you can create a ‘Named Fund’ with a title of your choice.

The monies are lodged in the Momentum Waikato’s ‘Future Fund’ endowment for investment and distribution purposes, as per the information above, but your amount is specifically tagged and tracked to your named fund.

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Transfer a Trust

Momentum Waikato offers the opportunity to existing charitable, family and corporate trusts, along with other agencies, to transfer the operation and management of their trust to us as your local Community Foundation.

In the process of transferring your trust, we will work with you and your current trustees to address any issues and concerns, developing a tailor-made plan that provides the level of control and involvement you require.

Once the trust is transferred, it becomes a named fund of the Momentum Waikato Community Foundation.

The named fund will have no loss of identity or purpose, but will gain expert legal and financial management, experienced and knowledgeable grant-making, and dedicated fund management support.

We will keep you up to date with the continuing great work that is being undertaken as a result of your generosity. As well as annual financial reporting, there is the option of receiving impact reports, having catch-ups with grantees or engaging in site visits at projects.

Payroll Giving

Momentum Waikato encourages employees and businesses to work together for the mutual benefit of their communities. Payroll Giving is becoming a big part of how New Zealanders support charities.

As with all our other ways of giving, you direct how the investment returns from your payroll giving are granted (see above).

Donations made by Payroll Giving are of great value to Momentum Waikato, as regular, scheduled contributions allow us to plan our efforts towards creating 'A better Waikato for everyone, forever'.

To find out more, download our ‘Payroll Giving’ brochure and read the Longveld Fund story.

Payroll Giving - Employee Payroll Giving - Employer

Giving Circles

Giving Circles bring people together to build a fund and enable change. They meet regularly, learn about their shared area of interest and decide where to target grants from their pooled funds. There are benefits in networking and scaling up the impact of each individual contributions. The Waikato Women’s Fund is an example of a successful Momentum Waikato Giving Circle.