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Giving Stories Giving Stories - Laurie Pilling and Admark Visual Imaging
Laurie Pilling and Admark Visual Imaging

Laurie Pilling and his company Admark Visual Imaging have supported sport and community facilities across the Waikato, including the Waterworld Hydrotherapy Pool and the Avantidrome.

“A good big city needs a good big theatre”, says Laurie.

Now they have donated $50,000 to the Waikato Regional Theatre project because it will ensure “the balance of the city”.

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Giving Stories Giving Stories - A Quiet Act of Generosity
A Quiet Act of Generosity

Back in 2016 a local lawyer raised the possibility of a bequest and the advantages of investing it for sustainable returns.

She directed us to anonymously target her fund’s gifts to scholarships for Pasifika girls living in the Waikato.

The scholarships are already being granted, late last year the recipient was Wesley College head girl Sharon Tuipala (pictured).

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Giving Stories Giving Stories - Nancy Caiger
Nancy Caiger

A desire for her and her siblings’ grandchildren to have an equal opportunity to achieve is why Nancy Caiger got involved in an initiative focused on the needs and aspirations of local women and girls.

“I wanted my gifts to provide some leverage, a base that others can build upon in the years ahead.”

The Waikato Women’s Fund follows the example of the Auckland Foundation’s Women’s Fund. Research shows women donate differently – smaller more frequent giving over longer timespans, with a real interest in those who benefit.

The Waikato has a number of great general funders, but Nancy could see the need for a sustainable support system guided by and targeted at local women.

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Giving Stories Giving Stories - Amanda's story
Amanda's story

This is the story of a woman who has always wanted more – not for herself; but always for others. Amanda B inspires us at Momentum Waikato Community Foundation for many reasons.

Among them are her perpetual desire to give back as well as boldly give forward to those whom she will never know.

The desire to lead a giving life was engrained in her from her early days in Yorkshire.

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