Welcome to our new-look newsletter, coming to you later than usual so we could report our annual Showcase and publish through our re-launched website. The next edition will be out in late January or early February.

Inspiring, exciting and humbling

One attendee contacted us to say “I really appreciated the opportunity to hear first-hand from grant recipients of the substantive impact this funding has had on their enterprises and local communities”.

An online comment said the presentations from Pūniu River Care, Ka Pai Kai and Zeal were “humbling”.

The 2018 edition of the annual Momentum Waikato Showcase, on 7 November at The Atrium, was an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on a year of tangible progress by our Vital Impact partners and on the Waikato Regional Theatre project. Check out the highlights video here and the photo album here.

A hundred-and-twenty invited guests enjoyed an hour of engaging updates and insights, kicked off by speeches by Momentum Waikato Chair Leonard Gardner and Chief Executive Kelvyn Eglinton.

New videos on our Vital Impact partners – currently being published one-at-a-time on our Vimeo channel and social media pages – opened their respective presentations. Pūniu River Care has exponentially increased its production of trees; Ka Pai Kai South Waikato is making a difference to the lives of hundreds of kids; and Zeal Hamilton is connecting with lost youth across the city and showing them paths to becoming happy and productive members of society.

The report from international theatre architects CharcoalBlue was an exciting highlight of the evening, as project lead Eric Lawrence took the audience on a big screen fly-through of a 3D digital model of the future Waikato Regional Theatre. For the really keen, there was also a virtual reality kit, where they could visually immerse themselves in the planned theatre’s inspiring spaces.

The evening also saw the launch of our 2018 Annual Report (see below) and our new website, which has made it even easier to donate towards making a better Waikato for everyone, forever.

Stan Walker makes an impact

For ninety-odd Waikato high school students, it was a moment in time that opened a window to the possibilities of their futures and could be a turning point in their lives.

Inspiration creates transformation and Stan Walker is living proof that where you start in life need not dictate where it takes you.

Read more.

Waikato Regional Property Trust is underway

A significant milestone in the Waikato Regional Theatre project was realised in October with the appointment of the board for the Waikato Regional Property Trust.

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One-hundred-and-twenty-five years since women’s first vote

Come along to this very special event to celebrate the 125th anniversary to the day when women in New Zealand voted for the first time.

An inspirational night listening to four amazing women deliver their TEDX talks from TEDX Ruakura 2018. An evening to connect with others, find out more about our Fund and hear some inspirational Waikato women speakers. Not to be missed!

When: 5pm to 7pm, Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Where: Creative Waikato, Garden Place

RSVP: sign up on Facebook here or email Waikato Women's Fund.

Please bring along pads, tampons or cups... here's why...

It is a reality that young girls in our region are sometimes unable to access the period products they need. We think that needs to change, right now in 2018.

That's why we're asking you to pop something extra in your bag on the night. Please buy and donate an item towards helping a girl have what she needs to manage her period. A girl who might otherwise be unable to attend school. A girl who may be aware that asking for what she needs is just going to push the family budget too far.

We're going to distribute all your donations of tampons, pads, menstrual cups etc to local high schools and healthcare providers.

Here's a video on why this is such a current issue for our girls.

With gratitude, ngaa mihi - The Waikato Women's Fund

Momentum Waikato Annual Report 2018 now available

This year’s report features Chair Leonard Gardner and Chief Executive Kelvyn Eglinton reflecting on how far we’ve come, the progress of our Vital Signs partners Ka Pai Kai South Waikato, Pūniu River Care and Zeal Hamilton, and an update on the Waikato Regional Theatre Project

Download a copy of the Momentum Waikato Annual Report 2018.