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Supporting financial literacy to boost wellbeing

Managing your own finances wisely is a life skill that is becoming ever more important for survival and wellbeing in the modern world, and yet many people don’t know how to make money work for them and often pay a high price for that lack of understanding.

This is not entirely surprising as schools do not usually teach crucial money skills such as budgeting, a tragic gap in the curriculum. If family finances are not routinely discussed in the home, young people can arrive at adulthood unable to tackle challenges like distinguishing good debt from bad.

VISION: John and Nicola Kenel sign the Deed of Gift establishing the Financial Literacy Fund.

Cambridge philanthropists John and Nicola Kenel see this knowledge gap as a serious issue for the wellbeing of individuals, families, communities and the nation, so they decided to do something about it.

They have made a significant founding donation to establish the new ‘Financial Literacy Fund’ with Momentum Waikato and invite the public to also support this new funding initiative aimed at tacking this concerning issue by funding financial literacy courses and tools for young people.

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Waikato Regional Theatre fans can Take a Seat!

Momentum Waikato’s Share the Stage campaign to fund the new Waikato Regional Theatre has shifted up a gear with the launch of our ‘Take a Seat’ public offer.

Fans of the Theatre now have the opportunity to tangibly show their support for this exciting new performing arts centre being built in the South End of Hamilton’s CBD.

Donate $1500 to the Theatre, either in one go or over several scheduled payments, and you or your family’s name, or your business or group’s title, will be displayed on a seat in the auditorium. 

To donate or just find out more, either visit or contact Momentum via

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Waahine Toa is back for 2022!

'Waahine Toa: RISE' is an event where women and girls from the Waikato can come together to be inspired.

Influential Waahine Toa will share their wisdom, life experiences and empowering stories around leadership, diversity and inclusivity. In addition to our speakers and a scrumptious high tea, the afternoon will include a silent auction, with some wonderful items donated by supportive businesses from across the region.

All proceeds raised at 'Waahine Toa: Rise' is for the Waikato Women’s Fund purposed to ensure women and girls, and their communities, are achieving their aspirations. Our voluntary committee at the Fund help to achieve this by growing the fund, making grants, and celebrating women and girls across the Waikato region.

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Momentum can make your generosity last forever

This article featured in the Stuff weekly newspapers around the Waikato during July.

New Zealanders are remarkably generous people, especially in times of crisis and immediate need.

Most of us readily donate our time and/or money in our community and will readily provide ongoing support to charities or causes dear to us, especially if we can help create a lasting benefit for future generations.

Perhaps the most significant charitable decision you will make in your lifetime is whether to leave a bequest in your Will to support a charity and/or your community - to create a legacy, for the aid you believe in or the place where you’ve prospered.

Getting this right can be a challenge, you want to be confident you’re making the best call. How to balance a meaningful bequest with supporting your family? How to choose from all those worthy charities and causes out there? How to ensure your support will grow and always sustain, after you’re gone?

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All Good Ventures projects for 2022

As reported earlier in the year, All Good Ventures has set up a Fund with Momentum Waikato so that anyone and everyone can donate towards an income stream for their funding programs for social entrepreneurs around the world. Here's news on their 2022 grants.

After receiving another record number of applications this year and spending many hours thoughtfully and prayerfully considering who to partner with, we have selected this year's All Good Ventures projects! We have picked 5 ventures from over 70 applications, and we are thrilled to introduce them to you.

Introducing: Sawubona (New Zealand), Moraka Menstrual Cups (New Zealand), Seeds and Stories (Uganda), Strength and Stem (South Africa) and Strength and Stem (United Kingdom)! These five budding social enterprises come from all corners of the world, and although their business ideas differ from one another, they have one important thing in common: their drive to see people freed from deprivation.

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