L-R Momentum Waikato trustees Simon Rickman and Leonard Gardner with Peggy and Stuart Houchen.

A significant moment - the formal process began for the transfer of the Houchen Trust and its assets, mainly the Houchen's Retreat in Glenview, to the care of Momentum Waikato.

A huge thanks for the trust invested in us by Bill, Stuart, Peggy and the rest of the trustees and family members.

This will now be managed as one of our named funds, still run for community benefit according to its founders' directives and intent, while being secured for the future, releasing the trustees from their mounting responsibilities and adding to our ability to create 'A Better Waikato for everyone, forever'.

Our intention is to partner with relevant change-makers to provide a contemporary well-being centre for the community and the region. Trust transfers like this, which take advantage of the security and returns enabled by Momentum Waikato's scale-of-operation, ensure that the original mission, and the facilities that enable them, can sustainably continue forever.

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