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Fund for CCS Disability Action Waikato

Donations to the Fund for CCS Disability Action Waikato support disabled people and their families, and provide scholarships to the University of Waikato.

The Gemini Trust was set up in 1995 to support the work of CCS Disability Action Waikato, the local branch of New Zealand’s largest disability support and advocacy organisation. CCS Disability Action supports disabled people 0-65 years old, with impairments of any type.

The Trust was wound up in 2023 and its mission to fund local disability support is now carried out by the ‘Fund for CCS Disability Action Waikato’ (FCDAW) at Momentum Waikato.

Investment income from the Fund goes to CCS Disability Action Waikato to help enable its tailored support for disabled people across the region, and to provide scholarships for disabled people to attend The University of Waikato.

The work of CCS Disability Action Waikato makes a huge difference in the lives of disabled people and their whaanau across the Waikato, Coromandel and King Country.

A heart-warming example is that of Lexy and her foster parents Maree and Dave in Te Aroha, pictured above.

After fostering children over the years they received a call about a 15-month-old toddler called Lexy.

Lexy is now 12 and they consider her “their girl”.

“She just brings so much love and laughter into our home. She’s a joy to have in our lives,” says Maree.

Lexy has a wide range of support needs, as she lives with physical, learning, and neurological impairments. Maree acknowledges her care is demanding, particularly as Lexy is very curious and likes to be busy.

“She does need one-on-one support almost all the time. She certainly gets us out of bed in the morning and often has us running to keep up with her,” she explains.

The family is supported by CCS Disability Action’s Waikato branch, with their support coordinator Zoe Swartz getting behind the family with whatever they need.

“Lexy lights up a room. She’s so charismatic, engaging, and energetic. She’s very good at getting her point across – you’re never left wondering what she’s thinking,” says Zoe.

“She amazes me every day,” says Maree. “Some of that is her and who she is, and some of that is down to the team of people around her.”

This wrap-around support has in part been enabled by the support the Gemini Trust has provided to CCS Disability Action Waikato over the years – from 1995 to 2022 it passed across over $1 million. This funding is now provided by the Fund for CCS Disability Action Waikato.

Do you, or your business or organisation, want to support the day-to-day lives of disabled people across the Waikato by helping to grow the income that provides tailored support to enable independence and choice in their lives? Do you want to help disabled people build their futures by attending the University of Waikato?

If you do, please donate to the Fund for CCS Disability Action Waikato.

We’ll send you a donation receipt so you can claim your tax credit.

If you encounter any challenges when donating, please contact us.