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Waikato Intercultural Fund & MOCA

Donations to the Waikato Intercultural Fund and its Movement for Open Culture Aotearoa - MOCA - initiative support activities that build bridges between different cultures.

"I pledge to have an Open Heart, an Open Mind and an Open Door."

Take the MOCA pledge above and donate $20 or more, and you will receive the MOCA coffee cup, pictured below (add post-and-packaging cost if unable to pick it up). To arrange pick up or delivery of your MOCA cup after donating, please email and specify therein which colour you want - orange, tea, purple or green.

The MOCA cup is itself a call to action. When you're having a coffee with friends or colleagues or family, let the MOCA logo on the side of the cup prompt you to have a conversation with them about what a diverse intercultural Waikato, New Zealand and World would look like, and how we are going to get there.

Then send your great ideas to the MOCA team, so we can look to make them happen!

The Waikato Intercultural Fund was established by Momentum Waikato itself to address issues of ‘Community Connectedness’, which had been cited as a leading issue by respondents to Vital Signs research in 2016 and then came to the fore after the Christchurch terrorist attack in March 2019.

Driven by a team of volunteers, the WIF is pursuing the vision of a flourishing intercultural society in Aotearoa New Zealand, where everyone recognises and celebrates the diversity of humanity and the humanity of diversity.

The purpose of WIF is to encourage and empower the peoples and communities of the Waikato to embrace and enact an intercultural worldview and the day-to-day practice of open-minded inclusion. This includes connecting people of every culture, tradition and background in ways that create genuine, fruitful and lasting human relationships, that in turn catalyse a wider and more diverse sense of human community for everyone.

The Movement for Open Culture Aotearoa – MOCA – has been launched by Waikato Intercultural Fund as an ongoing marketing campaign that fundraises for interculturalism and inclusion activities by both the WIF and the groups it funds with grants.

We’ll send you a donation receipt so you can claim your tax credit.

If you encounter any challenges when donating, please contact us.