Momentum Waikato gives a big thank you this month to Annabel Cotton, for all she’s done to get us going!

Annabel was one of our founding trustees and stepped down from Momentum Waikato’s Board late last year, although she continued as Chair of our Investment Committee until earlier this month.

“Momentum Waikato supports a fantastic range of projects and I look forward to seeing what else it will achieve in the years ahead,” says Annabel.

“I am particularly pleased the foundation was an early adopter of ethical investment filters. Its donors can be confident their funds are never invested in the liquor, tobacco, gambling, pornography or arms industries.

“The Community Foundation model is the ideal way to personally direct your philanthropic support. The more support Momentum Waikato receives, the more it can do to invest into the Waikato region. If you want your giving to have the maximum impact for the region you love, it’s the way to go.”

Annabel is a professional director and experienced trustee. Her current roles include chairing Hamilton & Waikato Tourism Limited, as a director of Waikato Regional Airport Limited and Trust Investments Management Limited, and as a trustee of the Donny Charitable Trust, which has donated $1 million to the Ferrybank development project.

Thank you Annabel, for adding to our momentum!