Tompkins Wake is a nationally recognised law firm headquartered in Hamilton, New Zealand with offices also in Auckland and Rotorua.

As a business that was founded in the Waikato nearly 100 years ago, we are invested in our local community and have a strong desire to ensure we help build a better Waikato. In our day to day work we focus on building long-term relationships and providing strategic advice to create and grow value for our clients. Our focus on our region is no different.

We believe in the power of collaboration, and that when specialisation and expertise combine in a collaborative environment, exceptional outcomes are created.

As a partner of Momentum Waikato, we provide legal services and advice to the Foundation supporting them with their inception, and more recently, with the Vital Impact Programme. In a similar way, we are also a founding sponsor of the Community Enterprise and Leadership Foundation (CELF) . Our involvement with CELF supports its mission to build future leaders from all walks of life who can re-imagine wealth creation from social, environmental, cultural and economic perspectives. Across our partnerships with both Momentum Waikato and CELF we combine our respective expertise, working together, accelerating the journey to a better and stronger Waikato. Tompkins Wake is sponsoring Momentum Waikato’s Chief Executive Cheryl Reynolds to participate in the CELF 2017/18 programme, bringing two great organisations together, both focused on delivering meaningful change and exceptional outcomes to the Waikato and its people.

Jon Calder

Chief Executive

Tompkins Wake Lawyers