Momentum Waikato is sincerely grateful to Mark Hamilton Photography for the breath-taking images he captures that add life to our stories. Mark has offered his amazing images to us since our journey began and we could not ask for a more talented and generous partner. We asked him to share a little bit about his work with us and some of the great Waikato projects he loves to support.

For anyone who dreams of being a talented photographer, take heart. Mark first picked up a camera in his late twenties, and his love with the lens has led to a career within the industry as a highly sought after freelance photographer. He currently runs his own commercial photography business in Hamilton.

Mark’s approach to photography is borne out of a sense of curiosity about people, culture and experiences.

Whether captured in his own studio or out in the wider world, his unique style and eye for detail produces evocative images that draw emotion from the people and places he photographs.

Mark has spent the past 15 years in the Waikato promoting the arts through his photography, primarily in local theatre and music. He is passionate about supporting people who often operate with minimal funds yet produce high calibre productions for the enjoyment of the local community.

Mark has been involved in many community projects ranging from exhibitions like The Rare View, which documented Somali refugees living in Hamilton, to the renowned Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival, to providing his own photographs for the benefit of local charities such as Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust. Most recently, Mark completed shooting the colourful cast of Hamilton Operatic Society's production of Mary Poppins, a not-to-be-missed local production.

We are so fortunate to count Mark Hamilton among our most treasured partners as he captures the heart of our Waikato region through his stunning photography.