Welcome to our latest e-newsletter, as we share some of our favourite new stories with you.

Momentum Waikato is committed to serving our community by providing a simple vehicle for generous donors to make contributions to transformational projects within the Waikato region.

One such opportunity currently, is the future of the Founders Theatre. Momentum Waikato was approached by a number of generous individuals and organisations interested in contributing to a new iconic regional theatre, and our proposal to create a partnership, combining public and private funds, coupled with a robust process to enable the new theatre to be built, was accepted unanimously in July by the Hamilton City Council.

In a similar way that the founding donors combined their generous gifts to build the Founder’s Theatre 54 years ago, it is our intention that we take responsibility for convening generous gifts and overseeing the process that will ensure delivery of a new world class theatre as a home for our community’s artistic expression. We are now head-down and getting on with the task we have been entrusted with.

Over the past two months we have also been focused on creating Waikato Vital Signs, a new community report that will start to be published from the end of this week. Due to the overwhelming response of our community – we needed an additional month to carefully analyse all the feedback that we received from over 400 people who attended the community engagement sessions in May. You can read more about Waikato Vital Signs below, and you can expect to hear much more about it through a range of media and social media channels every week over the next two months, as well as from our own weekly updates.

We’ve also got some great stories to share with you. These include the wonderful story of Jon and Sue Tanner, who are using Momentum Waikato to make a series of generous gift to Hamilton Gardens. You can also read about our Morrinsville-based accountants CooperAitken, who believe in giving back to the community and consider it a core value of their great business.

I hope you enjoy reading our latest update. Please feel free to share this with others so that we all can continue to create a better Waikato for everyone, forever.

With my very best wishes,
Ka kite ano

Cheryl Reynolds
Chief Executive - Momentum Waikato