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Mortimer Taitua Fund

Donations to the Mortimer Taitua Fund provide ongoing support for the further development of Taitua Arboretum.

Taitua Arboretum was established by the late John and Bunny Mortimer, who started planting trees and shrubs on the then-family farm west of Hamilton in the early 1970s.

John and Bunny then spent decades collecting seeds and cuttings from across New Zealand and around the world, nurturing and then planting an amazing range of rare and exotic trees and shrubs.

The Mortimers gifted the Taitua Arboretum to the people of Hamilton in 1997, and it has been open to the public and in the care of the Hamilton City Council ever since.

Featuring lakes, woodland gardens, birdlife and ample picnic spots, linked together by a network of walking tracks, this 20-hectare wooded wonderland is perfect for a leisurely weekend stroll, family picnic, or a more active outing.

The Council maintains the Arboretum well, but John and Bunny wanted to ensure it could continue to be developed forever. In 2015, as Momentum Waikato’s first major donors, they established the Mortimer Taitua Fund, to fund the Taitua Arboretum year after year into the future.

John and Bunny passed away in their nineties in 2018 and 2021 respectively, knowing that the Taitua Fund will continue to support their amazing legacy forever.

Anyone who has ever visited the Taitua Arboretum, and indeed any fan of the trees, should consider donating to the Taitua Fund.

We’ll send you a donation receipt so you can claim your tax credit.

If you encounter any challenges when donating, please contact us.