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Support the Greatest Needs Appeal

We can help you meet your community’s Greatest Needs.

Momentum Waikato is the Waikato’s community foundation, here to ‘Create a better Waikato for everyone, forever’. 

The ‘Greatest Needs Appeal’ is our regional response to the Covid-19 crisis. 100% of your donation will be directed back into your community, to where the need is the greatest. 

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 ‘Here to help u’ is ready to support anyone and everyone

Immediate aid to the vulnerable, delivered in a way that builds a stronger society after the crisis, is the focus of the COVID-19 relief effort coordinated by the Waikato’s lead social and community service providers and supported by Momentum Waikato and other major local funders.

‘Here to help u through COVID-19’ is a new online community support tool and network centered around a website, www.heretohelpu.nz, where any member of the public can quietly ask for help, and individuals, families, businesses and organisations can securely and easily target their offers of assistance.

It is the ‘front counter’ for a wide and coordinated support effort that aims to ensure anyone suffering hardship during the COVID-19 lockdown and beyond can easily request and get the help they need, regardless of their walk of life.

Wise Group and Community Waikato teamed up to coordinate and lead the effort, which involves a range of providers and funders, including (in no particular order) Volunteering WaikatoKaivolutionThe Salvation ArmyTrust WaikatoThe Department of Internal AffairsHamilton City Council and Momentum Waikato, alongside an ever-widening cast of other much-appreciated community groups and organisations.

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This survey gets your views into the decision-making

Waikato Vital Signs investigates and seeks to improve the social, environmental, cultural and economic wellbeing of our communities by ‘joining the dots’ between statistical information and what matters to local people ‘living on the ground’.


The project is coordinated by Momentum Waikato using the Vital Signs strategy and narrative developed in Canada and deployed by community foundations around the world. First run here in 2016, this second outing in 2020 is also partnering with the Waikato Wellbeing Project, with both projects using the measure of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The resulting Waikato Vital Signs 2020 Report will be used to inform funding decisions by the region’s not-for-profits, charities, government agencies, impact investors, grant-makers and philanthropists.

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Waahine Toa an empowerment and fundraising success

At the end of 2019 a group of women within the Waikato Women’s Fund (WWF) decided it would be a grand idea to deliver a significant ‘signature event’ in 2020 for the Fund.

Conceptually, a day to celebrate and support women and young girls in the Waikato.

After many months of planning, the working group and WWF committee delivered their inaugural Waahine Toa: Wisdom Shared on Saturday 14th March to over 230 attendees at The Atrium at Wintec in Hamilton. The beautiful afternoon was celebrated in ‘High Tea’ fashion with refreshments.

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Waikato Regional Theatre is a 'shovel ready' project

"Momentum Waikato had re-pitched some of its original plans around the 1300-seat Waikato Regional Theatre, including a raised river boardwalk linking it to Victoria on the River, and redesigning Embassy Park and Sapper Moore-Jones Place."

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