The condemned Founders Theatre.

Our partnership approach to fund a new iconic regional theatre received unanimous support from Council.

Momentum Waikato’s role is to convene, connect and align generous people in the Waikato to create a better Waikato for everyone forever. We are here to serve generous donors by ensuring their generosity is leveraged to make the greatest positive impact on the community we love. The new regional theatre project provides an opportunity for Hamilton City to work in partnership with the community to deliver an iconic, world class theatre that we can all stand up tall in.

Momentum Waikato Community Foundation encourages generosity in our community, helping people and organisations to be a part of creating a better Waikato for everyone forever. The Foundation is committed to serving as a convener and connector, providing a simple vehicle for contributions to strategic, transformational projects within the Waikato region.

We are appreciative of the unanimous support from Hamilton City Council of the delivery process proposed for a new regional theatre, and to pursue discussions for a partnership approach of seeking to secure $30 million in public funds with $25 million in private funds

Momentum Waikato maintains a neutral, apolitical position within the community, and I have been approached by a number of generous individuals and organisations interested in utilizing the Foundation to contribute to a new theatre. Momentum Waikato will provide the vehicle for $25 million from philanthropic donors.

We are pleased that a partnership approach between the public and private sector is being given a chance by Hamilton City Council to develop this significant community asset by approving the first phase in the process to provide a recommendation for public consultation. The recommendation will provide for Momentum Waikato taking responsibility for overseeing the regional theatre project delivery on behalf of the community, creating a home for the regions artistic expression.

Leonard Gardner
Chair - Momentum Waikato