Philanthropy is derived from the Greek concept, “love of mankind” and philanthropist’s focus on thoughtful giving, serving community needs through their generosity. Philanthropy seeks to address the root cause of a problem through collaboration and long-term consideration to create sustainable and transformational change.


  • Present

  • Micro

  • Targeting individuals

  • Temporary

  • Alleviating suffering inflicted by the problem

  • Reactive

  • Emotional or sympathetic


  • Future

  • Macro

  • Targeting common good

  • Sustainable

  • Addresses the root cause(s) of a problem

  • Proactive

  • Strategic

In monetary terms, there are a number of ways to generate funds to give thoughtfully, either individually or with family, friends or your workplace. Giving Circles, Payroll Giving, and pledging your birthday in lieu of gifts are three growing trends for creating money for charity or philanthropy. In giving your talent – options include pro-bono work, offering services you are skilled in for free, such as legal work, accounting, graphic design and writing. Giving your time means volunteering through organisations such as Volunteering Waikato or having a spring clean and giving belongings to charities such as Salvation Army and Women's Refuge. There is an opportunity for everyone has to be generous – no matter what avenue it is through.

Did you know New Zealand is the third most generous country in the world? According to the World Giving Index Ranking produced by the Charities Aid Foundation in 2015, Myanmar (Burma) took out first place, followed by the United States of America. The report showed that 91% of the population in Myanmar (Burma) donated money, 51% volunteered time, and 49% would help a stranger. Comparatively in New Zealand, 62% of us donated money, 44% donated time, and 69% would help a stranger.

The launch of our inaugural Waikato Vital Signs report is near, and this report will share the communities’ needs and aspirations, and in-turn, might help you decide how to be thoughtful with your generosity. Momentum Waikato is committed to serving donors by providing professional philanthropic advice. If you want to learn more about what it means to be a philanthropist and to be thoughtful in your generosity, get in touch with us today.

Cheryl Reynolds
Chief Executive - Momentum Waikato