From the Momentum Waikato Annual Report 2023 - see full report in PDF.

The Boys’ Brigade once had a much higher public profile, decades ago you would have routinely seen lads out and about in its military cadet-style uniform, but it is still going strong in the community, making a difference in boys’ lives.

Twenty years ago the Brigade launched ICONZ, which takes a modern approach to producing well-rounded young ‘Kiwi icons’, and now all its growing Waikato units are under this banner. A recent re-branding sees all Boys’ Brigade and ICONZ groups now using the same new logo, modern school-style uniform and slogan ‘Faith, Foundation, Future’.

The Boys’ Brigade Waikato Trust supports the Brigade’s Waikato units’ leadership development and units’ attendance at inter-regional events.

A seaplane adventure!

Trust Treasurer Glenn Johnson said his board set up the Boys Brigade Waikato Trust Fund at Momentum Waikato because they were looking for appropriate ways to get better returns and outcomes from the capital in their care.

“Momentum Waikato is a good balance of risk and return, attractive in terms of the risk profile. We like that its local and here in this place for the long term.”

Glenn said that word spreads very quickly when an ICONZ group is set up in a neighbourhood.

“The parents that I am in contact with on a weekly basis consistently express their gratitude for what our leaders and the programmes do for their boys,” said Glenn.

“Technology is used in some activities, but we still major in outdoor adventures that engage boys in healthy play and core life skills. The leaders see boys increase their self-confidence, resilience, positive attitude, caring understanding for each other and excitement for life.

“Always with a view to providing an environment of genuine care for every part of the person - physical, mental, social and spiritual. Encouraging the boys to build their lives on the foundation of the Christian faith is what makes Boys’ Brigade and ICONZ unique.”

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