As a child you may have been taught that the definition of true giving is in offering something without the expectation of receiving anything in return.

When doing something nice for someone else, we know there is pleasure derived in having someone thank us. We all like sharing these types of things, and our social media pages overflow with examples of people ringing the bell for their children, their spouse, friend or club they belong to for whatever good deed may have taken place. As well, most of us would agree that attaching a name to a kind and generous gift may inspire others to do the same.

Have you ever given something away, large or small, without letting anyone know about it? Think about that and try to recall how it felt. It may have been something you did long ago or possibly only last week. Did it conjure up something inside that made you feel a bit special? An anonymous donation is your secret gift to the world, whether it is intended for one person or for many.

We have been honoured by such a gift of anonymity. Our donor sent a $10,000 cheque through the mail without knowing much about Momentum Waikato. She had simply read the story of John and Bunny Mortimer and said it touched her heart so much she felt she had found the place she could make a difference to her community any way she chose, with no one else being the wiser. All our donor asked was to remain anonymous. We called upon our mystery lady just to thank her and let her know a bit about our dreams for the Waikato. She had no idea she could do so many things through our community foundation, and the idea that all the charities she wanted to support would not have to know the origin of her donations made the idea of philanthropic gifting suddenly simple and easy. She could be a secret donor – still informed of how her gifts were helping others, but without being asked to give more. Our donor then decided to write another $10,000 cheque, this one to be used for the community’s greatest need as determined by Waikato Vital Signs research.

If you like the idea of being a celebrated donor in the hope you may encourage others to join you, Momentum Waikato will gladly share your giving story for the benefit of the charities you wish to support. Conversely, a gift made anonymously will afford you secrecy with the luxury of knowing exactly how your endowments are used. The choice is yours. Momentum Waikato Community Foundation is here to be the vehicle for your philanthropic giving. We are here to serve our Waikato community and create a better Waikato for everyone, forever.