Momentum Waikato is playing a vital role in a new ‘nest egg’ being created by Waikato women, for Waikato women.

The Waikato Women's Fund, being launched in late July, will enable local women to align their giving with the needs and aspirations of women and girls across the region.

It is the second such resource to be established, the first being Auckland’s Women Fund, who are working alongside us on this new initiative.

Establishment group Chair Michelle Howie says its unique proposition is what got her involved.

“I care about the future of the Waikato and what it will be like here for my nieces and the other wee girls in my life when they grow up.

“There are of course many great causes to support, but the Waikato Women’s Fund will allow us all to focus our giving towards improving outcomes for women and girls in our own region. That’s a great idea, so I decided I wanted to help bring it to life.”

Momentum Waikato is managing donations to the Waikato Women’s Fund and is excited to be supporting the new initiative.

“Everyone benefits when everyone has the opportunity to succeed and thrive,” says CEO Kelvyn Eglinton.

“The Waikato is a place of innovation, and if that is to continue, we need everyone with great ideas and real determination to be ‘in the room’, regardless of their gender, colour or creed.

“One of Momentum Waikato’s strategic goals is to achieve ‘maximum impact’ and removing the barriers that prevent girls and women from unlocking their potential will certainly achieve that.”

Research shows more and more women are generating and controlling their own wealth, and that it is women who are at the forefront of baby boomer wealth transfer. Yet it is women and girls who are most affected and held back by the social and economic issues impacting our region and country.

Few traditional funders are consciously trying to close this loop or track whether their grants are really benefitting and enabling women and girls. The Waikato Women's Fund will connect women's giving capacity with a funding model that targets women and girls.

Anyone will be able to donate any amount to the Waikato’s Women Fund, and all donors will be able to be involved in deciding how the funds are distributed.

If you’re interested in finding out more and/or supporting this mahi, visit the Waikato Women’s Fund website.