Timing and opportunity are both features of success. Recently, a Hamilton lawyer who is familiar with the work of Momentum Waikato, met with their client to update her will. They discussed her philanthropic aspirations, and the lawyer suggested that she didn’t have to wait until after her passing for her generosity to be activated; she could instead enjoy the joy of giving here and now. The lawyer introduced their client to Momentum Waikato, and over the course of several easy discussions with the donor services team, her giving plan was created and she became a donor through Momentum Waikato.

Our new generous donor has decided, like many, to remain anonymous - it’s her choice and we are here to serve her wishes. Her intention is to honour her father’s legacy, as her gift of $500,000 was only possible because of the wise financial decisions he had made in his lifetime. He was passionate about education, and so her generous and thoughtful giving plan created to honour his memory will utilise the distributable earnings from her Future Fund to create educational scholarships for the next 20 years for Pacifika girls in the Waikato to attend Wesley College; something she knows her father would adore. Our new donor is also assured that scholarships will be awarded to Wesley College only for as long as there is a need. After 20 years, or earlier - should Wesley College no longer need scholarships to support Pacific Island girls, our donor has decided that her gift will be distributed through the Vital Education Fund in perpetuity. This means that Momentum Waikato trustees will ensure that her fund will be made available to support other forms of learning and education for Pacific Island children and youth living in the Waikato, forever.

Crafting a tailor-made giving plan for our donor, Momentum Waikato was able to help make her philanthropic aspirations a reality within her lifetime that will go on giving forever. Her story demonstrates how Momentum Waikato can guide and assist donors, along with their professional advisors, in providing the community with charitable giving solutions that will transcend generations.